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LSPOspotter and LGBT​

Let me explain to you why I changed the corporate identity of LSPOspotter at the beginning of June.

As some of you may know June is called Pride Month too. And as fewer of you may know, I, the founder and head of LSPOspotter, am gay. This is why I wanted to show my fans and followers that LSPOspotter is a company founded from an LGBT supporter and LSPOspotter will support LGBT rights!


Now let me tell you my story about fears and luck since my coming out:


Not even a year ago I began with my coming out. The first person to know I am gay was a friend I learned to know while spotting at Stuttgart airport. He was a great idol in this point because he is pretty open to his sexuality. When I told him, after quite a while to be honest, that I am gay, he was kind of proud of me that I told him. After this first, very difficult step for me, I continued to come out. The next person was my best friend. I thought I had to tell him from face to face, but I couldn't at our next meet up. After we hopped on the train, each in opposite direction I became sad that I couldn't do the next step and decided to write him an message that I had to tell him something important. He understood and was kinda surprised about my coming oht, but wrote me the nicest words I ever received. He told me: Mike, you were always a good friend of me and nothing can change that. You were always Mike to me and you will always be, if I am hetero sexual or gay. At this point a huge fear dropped off of me and I was really happy to receive so much support. The last person to know I am gay were in fact my parents. I had so much fear to tell this to my father because he acted kind of homophobic in that point. So first I told it to my mother which already years ago told me whatever I'll love or how I'll decide, i will always be her son. Because I had my coming out just when I already was in a relationship I had a love bite at my neck. She asked if I had a crush, and first I denied. Later when we were for ourselves I told her she was right, and she was like "Oh, you got a crush! How lovely!" and I told her geah, but it's not the "normal" kind of relationship. Her first question, and she asked in such a natural mood, was if it was a boy and I confirmed. And she was just happy that I was in love with someone. No matter with who.

The most difficult part was now when I had to tell the whole thing to my father. I was really nervous, because I also didn't know if my mother has already told him something. I waited for a long time untill a good moment comed in. After christmas evening he had a pretty emotional moment while bringing me to the train station, when I gathered all my courage together and told him. I knew he was kind of shocked at this moment, but I was lucky he could at least accept the way I am. I didn't expect any support or a hug or whatever from him, but at least he could accept my sexuality the way it is.

Since I had my coming out, I received several positive messages from my friends and colleagues but also from a few strangers which gave feedback to my posts online. I am quite open now to tell people that I am gay, and this only because of the huge acceptance of people around me.

Also since I met a few people from the LGBT community I feel much better and happier with my life. Most of those guys I learned to know are really kind and think and act in a way more understanding way than people which are not in the community. This doesn't those people can't understand how it feels like or with which thoughts some of us go through the world, but they probably think not the same way we do.

As I already told you I am now pretty open to my sexuality, but only because I have so many people which support me. Anyway, there are some moments in my life when I think, if people will hurt me just because I have another sexuality? Yes there are people which do that and this still makes me sad. Why can't some people accept the way other people life and love. We don't, or I won't hurt anyone because I am gay. So why do some people think its necessary to hurt me?

We, especially the country of Switzerland, are in a modern world and still we, the LGBT community, is considered as minority. We don't have the same rights in a few points. But why don't we? We aren't a society of second class. We just would like to live like everyone else does. We just want to love like anyone else does.

Much more disappointing is the fact that LGBT people get presecuted, murdered and tortured for something they didn't choose to be. I never stood up on a morning and decided to be gay. It's the way I love. Like other men love women. So why do countries still punish people for something they can't choose and they can't change. We are living in a modern world and not in the middle age anymore.

So you now know my story and what were my biggest fears, what I experienced and how I think about the current situation of LGBT rights. I use my business LSPOspotter to reach more people and to tell them homosexuality is not a crime. It's a way we live and most of all it's a way we love! 

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