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Farewell, Belavia TU-154!

On 29th of May 2015, the Tupolev TU-154M of Belavia with the registration EW-85748 operated its last flight from Geneva to Minsk. The plane, built in 1992 by the Russian manufacturer Tupolev is getting too old for the airline. It will be soon replaced by the more modern B737 of Boeing.

At 6:03 a.m. my train to Geneva Airport left my hometown. On my side, my father which made my day way easier, 'cause I didn't have to wander around alone. After nearly three hours of driving, a bit after 8:00 a.m. we arrived at the Airport. Now we searched for the right photo position and we waited for the old lady. She came 15 minutes early. At 9:55 she touched down safely on the runway at Geneva and presented her amazing sound of the thrust reverse! This is also good to hear about the video my father took for me.

After the landing, we went back to the Palexpo near the terminals where we were surprised. The Tupolev was parked perfectly on the field of vision! Perfect to take some pictures and to see the movements around the plane. The airport offered invited guests a tour on the apron to the Tupolev.

The plane was boarded with a bit of delay. But the plane still didn't leave us. It was waiting until 12 o'clock as the Tupolev started up its engines. The sound was again more as amazing! She left Geneva Airport with a traditional Water Salute, and the last time with passengers on board.

All planespotters at Geneva and there were many people, got ready again to spot the take-off of the TU-154. The crowd was relatively large, and there were visitors from all over the world, "only" to see this rare bird the last time. With nearly an hour of delay, the Tupolev left us with a black whiff behind. The age of the engines is not just to hear, its also well visible.

With the take-off of the Belavia machine, my spotting day ended soon. We went for a short refreshing in the restaurant Altitude at the airport itself and then we drove home, again nearly three hours.

For sure it is sad to see such well preserved and rare machine go away. But it is a moment, which will never get forgotten! I think the view on this plane will be present in the memory of all people which were there.

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