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Trip Report: Munich Franz Josef Strauss Airport

At the end of July I spontaneous visited Munich Franz-Josef-Strauss Airport for the first time. I travelled by FlixBus from Zurich and was surprised of the good service of the cheap bus ride. After approximately four hours I arrived at Munich ZOB and continued to my hotel for the upcoming days. The hotel was situated at Hallbergmoos, only two train stations to the airport. 

After I checked in and dropped of my luggage, I headed to the airport and got my first highlights of this trip. As I've never seen a Lufthansa A350 before, I was quite happy to get three of them in a few hours. After sunset I went to the visitor hill again and managed to get some different shots of the displayed aircrafts.


On the next day I got up very early. I took a taxi, because the rental bikes of the hotel weren't ready, and went to the hill on the South side of the runway. I got some pretty cool shots with an amazing atmosphere. Back light is not always a mistake! 

After the early spotting session I had a small breakfast and took the train to the city. I really enjoyed walking and driving through this big and versatile city. After my stop at the Karlsplatz and Marienplatz and after some shopping, I headed a bit outside of the city center and walked along the Isar. After the english garden I took the subway to the Olympia Stadion of Munich and did some sightseeing. I was on top of the Olympia Hill when suddenly a thunderstorm crossed the area of Munich. I searched for a shelter, and went back to the city in a dry phase. For dinner I enjoyed a traditional meatloaf with potato salad and pretzel, and a tasty beer!


On my third day at Munich I went up early again, and met two planespotters from Munich. We got some nice shots with ground fog in the background. Something I've waited for a long time! The two guys showed me some other positions around the airport fence, which are reachable by foot. I could photograph some planes which were on my "To spot"-List; for example a Kuwait Airways Boeing 777-300ER in the new livery. All in all it was a very busy day with a lot of walking and changing positions.


On my last day, I visited the visitor hill only. I had to bring all my luggage with me, which was quite heavy with some Bavarian specialities inside. I took the chance to focus on some planes I did not spot in the past days, had a look at the souvenir shop at the visitor hill and just enjoyed the last hours at Munich, before I started my way back to Zurich. I travelled with FlixBus again, and was happy when I heard, that our bus had a very kind and funny driver. He really did a good job on this journey!

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