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Picking up the A320neo of SWISS

So, in the morning of the 19. February our group headed off to Hamburg. Our mission: to pick up the newest fleet member, the Airbus A320neo! We boarded our Airbus A220 during beautiful sunshine and enjoyed an uneventful flightto Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel. After a bit more than an hour we landed and got picked up by a bus. Unfortunately it was raining in Hamburg, but this didn't low our mood. We had about an hour untill we reached our destination, thr Airbus factory in Finkenwerder. After we entered the building and headed to xxx, which some of us already knew from the factory visit in November 2019 we could enjoy a very delicate brunch buffet and got to listen to the progress our A320neo has made. After a short briefing and a first glimps on the factory we entered the bus again and drove to one of the assembly lines. We had a lot of time to ask the experts about the A320neo and his family and to take photos.


In between we had a short stop at the restaurant for the employees. We got a really esclusive lunch! Goat cheese with salad, spaghetti with pesto sauce and last but not least a tasty dessert. Full with new energy we headed back to the factory area and got a glimps of JDB later. This is already the second A320neo for SWISS. After the short stop we headed to our hotel which is located next to the Elbe river. We all had a really amazing view onto the heavy cargo ships passing our rooms! Unfortunately we had not much time to spend there untill we continued to the restaurant on the other side of the Elbe river. As it should be in Hamburg we used the ferry to cross the river. A few minutes later we arrived at the, again, really exclusive restaurant where the delivery dinner took place. Participants could choose out of two meals: one with specialities ofthe house and a lot of fish and seafood and a second one with a tasty Wiener Schnitzel. After the dinner and a few speaks, such of Airbus, SWISS and Pratt & Whitney we enjoyed a great evening untill we headed back to the hotel by bus and had a short scenic tour through the Hafen City.


The next morning we had to get up pretty early. After a evening full of wine we got welcomed at the delivery point with a tasty and versatile breakfast! In the backgroundwe got to see a lot of planes beingmoved. What could you love more? Right, going on a brand new aircraft very soon! After our breakfast we had to go to the security check and then we were standing right in front of it: HB-JDA. The aircraft was ready for a photo shoot, and the rain couldn't bother us! It was amazing, and afzer a excessive photo shooting we had to board the aircraft. I was pretty lucky to get a seat in the second row, so I had a fantastic view onto the engines. After a short taxi and backtrack we lifted off from Finkenwerder into the sunny skies. Up there we enjoyed a very smooth flight and already a second breakfast. In case you wonder: We really had enoughto eat during these two days!


A bit more than an hour later we touched down on Zurich's runway 14 and taxied by the crowded observation deck. Right after the corner we got surprised by the fire brigade. They welcomed us in sunny Zurich with a water salute. We continued taxi and stopped infront of a SR Technics hangar. The engines stopped and the first notes of the Alphorn could be heared. During our push into the hangar a group of Alphorn players welcomed our A320neo and after our deboarding the ceremony begann. A few seeches later the arcraft had officially got the name "Engelberg". A famous holiday area in central Switzerland.

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