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Dittinger Flugtage

After my first, and so far only visit in 2013 at the airshow Dittingen, I wanted to go back. Especially when I read about the expected guests and acts! So I went to the show...


When I arrived by public transport at Laufen, a small town near Basel, I went to the shuttle bus which was quite full at this time. The bus drove up to a temporary bus station where all guests had to change to smaller buses of the military. They took a small path through the forest to reach the airshow area. I was quite surprised about this way, but I think this is a very genius way they don't get into traffic jam with the shuttle bus!


As registered attendee I had free entrance to the show on sunday. As requested I went to the media office to get a batch. Unfortunately they forgot to print the batch for me, but I realized that it wasn't even necessary. 


The show started on time with one of the smallest acts. But apart from the size of the plane this act was still very spectacular! The airshow Dittingen showed one highlight after the other and the time flew by very fast. The organization of the program was really great!


Approximately in the half of the show, I really don't know when exactly anymore, my personal highlight touched down at Dittingen. The main reason I went all the way there! The DeHavilland Dragon Rapid! In my opinion the Dragon Rapid is one of the more fascinating aircrafts of her era and I always wanted to see one flying. So now I saw her in all her elegance!


Later we became to see, and (very important) to hear (!) some nice warbirds. You can imagine how amazing they sound when they fly by! My favorite was the Grumman Avenger with the deep and loud sound! I like to see this quite "fat" plane flying it circles over the valley's.


From time to time it got very calm, because not all planes need to create noise. Another fantastic display was given by the three RedBull gliders. Two of them in formation and one in an amazing solo display, as I've never seen before!


As last task of the official show the Breitling Jet Team flew the display over Dittingen. I guess, they were the highlight of many visitors and it is amazing to see the team at an event like this.


During the whole day the Antonov AN-2 from Germany did scenic flights, and so we heard the big engine again after the program ended. It was the sign of a great day going to end. Many people enjoyed the last planes leaving Dittingen with some nice food and drinks.


All in all I can only recommend the Dittinger Flugtage for all friends of non-common Swiss airshows, and this because Dittingen always delivers a great show with guests which are not seen on the regular airshows during the summer. I personally like this kind of uniqueness!

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