What does LSPOspotter mean?

Kind of funny, this name. Not? Learn more about what LSPOspotter is and of course what this strange combination of letters mean right here. :)

What is plane spotting?

Plane spotting is a hobby which is practiced in the entire world. The spotter is a kind of photographer which takes photos of starting, landing and taxiing aircrafts. He is interested in taking photos of aircrafts in different conditions. The highlights for the most spotters are rare and old aircrafts (e.g. a Boeing B707) or aircrafts in stunning paint schemes, like Hekla Aurora of Icelandair.

What is your camera gear?

I actually started spotting with a Canon Powershot digital camera. It was a compact camera with a "regular" zoom and I absolutely had no clue about photography, which you can also see on my early pictures. Later, at the end of 2013 I got my first DSLR camera, the Canon 1100D. I got also a zoom lens with 300mm focal length. This was enough for me and for my first experiences in photography. Around two years later I became more and more interested in photography, and I felt like the old body wasn't enough anymore. So I saved up some money to upgrade to an second hand 7D which is still the last camera without full frame in this price range. Later I upgraded also my lenses a bit. The most important in my opinion is, that you can handle your camera and understand what you do and that you can explain why you do what you do!

Since I'm working in the photography business I can also try other camera systems, and some pictures (especially the actual ones) are sometimes taken with an Olympus E-M1 of the newest generation. But this is really the high end stuff for this kind of photography! ;)

How do you edit your photos?

I began to edit my photos with the free software GIMP. Since I got to know other spotter's from the Zurich area I learned to work with Adobe's Lightroom software. It is about to live out the creativity of yourself! The picture isn't perfect, as long as you don't like it! In my opinion there are just a few variable rules in editing photos, and I also got to learn them step by step. For sure it is helpful that I'm working in this business now and I'm working on pictures daily, but it is up to you if you'd like to learn more!

Sometimes I also use Photoshop for editing too. For example to sharpen pictures, to make corrections or to check the exposure using the levels and the histogram. 

Where have you already been to?

To show you on a easy way where I was, what I flew and so on I signed up at myflightradar24 and created all the regular flights I did. Unfortunately I can't add private flights with small props or helicopters from small airports in Switzerland. 

Does AirBerlin only fly to Berlin?

No. AirBerlin does also fly to a lot of capitals in Europe, some holiday destinations and also to the United States.