Breitling Sion Air Show 2017

The Breitling Sion Air Show 2017 was of course one of the most important events in Switzerland in 2017. The air show which took place at the mixed-used airport of Sion (SIR/LSGS) in the alps of Switzerland was well visited during the three show days. Our team took different spots and days to show you all highlights!


On the first day we arrived during lunch time and were in the crowd and enjoyed the first smells and the loud sound of the fighter jets. It was surprising how the displays fitted perfectly in the valley of the welsh alps. Also big formations as the Frecce Tricolori showed up with amazing displays and low fly by‘s. We were happy to see them there after the rumors that they could cancel their show because of the display regulations, and at all it was a pleasure to see the Italian team back in Switzerland after a couple of years. I felt kind of emotional when the Frecce lifted of and did the first fly by over the mountain tops accompanied by the sound of the Italian national anthem. 


On Saturday, the second day of the Breitling Sion Air Show we took a spot far up in the hills, close to our apartment in Veysonnaz, which we rented via! It got us an amazing perspective over the whole valley, and it was quiet interessting to see the jets from above. For some of the display‘s, especially those with smaller and low flying aircrafts, we were too far away. It was the very first time for all of us to take this kind of photography place for an airshow. Nevertheless we got some great photos of the formations, as you can see! And for the next time we know to go a bit lower. The highlight of the day for us was the fly by of the Patrouille Suisse together with the Helvetic Airways Embraer ERJ-195!


On Sunday we left Veysonnaz and had another day in the crowd. We got some of the spotter badges after some time which we needed to find out where to get them. We had a great place in the front line and could take amazing fotos of the aircrafts lifting of or breaking after the touchdown. At lunchtime we unfortunately began to realize, that the whole event wasn‘t organized that well. We had some troubles to get food, and the queue was very long until we got some nice food. Even if the whole system was cashless and the organizers promised to do a faster processing. Anyway, we had a good spot and could enjoy the sound and the displays of the many teams and solo demonstrators which gave us the opportunity for more photos. Also today the Embraer of Helvetic Airways did a formation fly by with the Patrouille Suisse as great highlight.


All in all we had much fun at the Air Show and we enjoyed a great time in the valley of Sion! Even if sometimes the things didn‘t work properly. And of course it was a pleasure to take part of this giant event!