About Us

We are a team of young aviation enthusiasts and plane spotters which handle this company. Over the past few years our CEO, Mike Wyss, pushed LSPOspotter to the company it is today. 

Our vision is, to bring aviation to the people who are interested, and there should be no limits because of age, mobility or illness. We are a group of young people and will bring aviation and especially our photo tours to the even younger friends of aviation!

On our team site, you can get in touch with our members! Feel free to join us on our way to make it easier to get close to aviation!

Our Imprint:

Weierstrasse 48a

CH-8405 Winterthur

Our History


LSPOspotter started in 2013. Back then just Mike operated the whole business, but it wasn't that much of work as we had only an Instagram account. Not even a year later Mike built the first website, which was nice to have, but not really professional. It was more like a ragbag of pictures and links to Google Drive folders. It was soon clear that it was not possible to build a company, or at least a sideline just with a messy website and an Instagram account, so Mike started using Facebook and not much later also Twitter. Since then, and we are still in 2014, LSPOspotter is present on the most famous social networks and on the own website.

On the 13th October 2014, when LSPOspotter celebrated one year of existence, we offered our fans free brownies and a large cake for the first persons. We went to the airport to celebrate this day. 

The rest of 2014 was really calm. Mike did a lot of spotting and catched the first big highlights in his spotting career. In 2015 we started with our first WEF visit. The aircraft traffic during the World Economy Forum is mostly rare and so Mike got again the chance to spot some seldom birds. As our CEO had a lot of time due his professional developement, he had a lot of time to visit the airport and began to forge contacts. This paid off in 2016: We had our first cooperation with SWISS and Zurich Airport at the arrival of the first Bombardier CS100, HB-JBA. Not much later we got invited to visit one of the passenger tours for transfer passengers only, and got a unique insight into the baggage sorting at Zurich Airport.

One year later, in 2017, we had our first cooperation with 20min.ch and offered a bit too much informations about the WEF traffic. This ended up in a big mess and a lot of criticism from other plane spotters. But at the end we are happy we've made this experience and had absolutely no troubles with the responsible of Zurich Airport. The year 2017 ended pretty calm, because we operated very reserved.

In 2018 we got the chance to improve ourself. We had again a cooperation with 20min.ch during the WEF week and earned good feedbacks for our interview. Later Mike had his first long haul flight to South Africa and right when he came back, we received a mail from SWISS. In March 2018 we headed to Seattle to pick up the newest Boeing 777-300ER of SWISS International Air Lines. 

At the beginnings of 2019 we served 20min again with an Interview and at the 31th of March we could do our very first Photo Tour at Zurich Airport! Since then we can offer those photo tours once a month with a unique permission of Zurich Airport.