First Landing: Airbus A350

On the first of April, and yes we all thought this would be a joke, the first A350-900XWB touched down at Zurich airport. Qatar Airways changed from the Blobliner, aka. Boeing B787-8 to the new Airbus. They will now send the A350 daily to Zurich. 


So I got on my train to Zurich around 10 a.m. to be at the airport early. This gave me the chance to select the right place to take pictures. The airport has informed that the A350 will land on runway 14, as usual, then taxi right in front of the observation deck via taxiway E and M to gate B38, also directly on the observation deck. This was great news for us spotters! So we got the chance to get great photos of this machine. 


Shortly after lunch, some minutes past 1 p.m. the new bird was on final. It arrived nearly together with the A380 of Emirates. It took some long minutes for the A350 to taxi to us. Finally, we saw the tail behind terminal A appear. It taxied around the corner and got a water salute of the local Fire Fighting Departement. 

As usual, there were also a lot of employees of Zurich Airport AG and others. The aircraft taxied gently to its gate B38 on the south side of the observation deck, where it was parked for the whole afternoon. This gave us the opportunity to take some detailed shots, e.g. of the famous winglets and the cockpit (which still looks like a raccoon in my opinion...). 


After that, I got MY lunch break. I had no time before because I had to defend my photo place. After lunch, we realized that they changed the runway usage. Takeoffs were now on runway 32 and landings on 28. We decided to walk around the airport to the line up of the actual runway and hoped that the Qatari will choose this one. A few minutes after 6 p.m. we finally saw the Airbus taxiing towards us. We were happy that it didn't choose runway 34 which is usually used for long haul aircraft.

I guess I did the right decision to walk all over there because this angle looked very good for the new A350 and its shape. We also had good light. More sun would have ended up on a way too dark engine and nose section. This cloudy situation brought, in my opinion, the perfect mood. After the A350 we waited also for the TAP A330 which left some minutes after and then we also left for our dinner. We had a cozy evening at a local restaurant, talking about aviation of course!